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In catalan: 27/9/18 - 29/11/18, Thursday's evenings at Born (Barcelona)

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Thursdays 19:00 to 21:30h at Born (Barcelona)


Carrer de l'Arc de Sant Ramon del Call 6, 2on 1a

Being and promoting the change we want

Living Commonly promotes a global change of values in society which results in the recovery of personal and collective relationships based on mutual support. This new relationships will replace the profit-based commercial relationships , which are nowadays the norm.

Towards that goal it promotes the creation of mutual support communities, towards personal an collective growth .

At the same time it promotes pooling together material resources to be managed collectively, in order to sustainably satisfy the necessities of the people and the community.



We are building a mutual support community with people living in the Barcelona metropolitan area. Contruim una comunitat de suport mutu amb persones que vivim a l'àrea metropolitana de Barcelona. We help each other with personal and collective growth. And we have a good time together :)


We set up pro-commons companies which sell to the market and invest the profits in the commons (social, education and health centers, housing, etc.) The collective management of this resources allow us to practice our values and to be less dependent on market to satisfy our needs.



We support local producers committed to ecology. We promote a lifestyle of communion with nature, moving away from the metropolis into rural settlements.


We consider a company to be pro-commons if it satisfies some of the following properties:

  1. Finances the commons through it's profits
  2. Provides free services to the community
  3. Provides collaborative jobs to the community where people are rewarded for being part of the community not for their performance.
  4. The community owns some shares

Intuition and science

We start from the feeling that we live in a society that doesn't make sense, it doesn't fullfill us, it empties our souls. With science we corroborate that individualism and consumism are harmful whereas generosity and gratitude contribuite to wellbeing and improve health.

Epics and history

We are thrilled with the epics of building a world based on mutual support communities, of hundreds of persons each, which support each other. History backs us with the knowledge that this has been the most common way for persons to relate with each other, and that profit-based exchanges are a relatively new phenomenon.

A different perspective

Instead of mitigating the symptoms we want to go to the root of the problems and at on the causes. Therefore we concentrate our efforts into changing values rater than more superficial issues like democratic governance or ecosystems protection. Changes in values will have a multiplying effect in the actions that are already being taken on such fronts.

A transition plan

We suggest that in order to advance towards a world with the values that we want, we start getting organized, those of us who want such change, into mutual support communities. As we strengthen our relationships we put more and more resources in common. Managing such resources collectively will cover our life necessities as well as allow us extra time and resources to help others to advance through the same path. Exponentially!


Living Commonly

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